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Dr. Daniel Barolet is a dermatologist,
pioneer, researcher and innovator.

Please note that the clinic will be closed from july 22 till august 20


Several non-ablative & ablative fractional resurfacing devices are available in our laser center, including the Erbium: Glass , the Erbium: Y... Read More


June 2018
Les vertus de la lumière rouge
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November 2017
Tatouage-effacer les erreurs du passé
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Dr. Daniel Barolet is a dermatologist who has been specializing in laser therapy since 1991. A graduate of the universities of McGill, Laval and Montreal, he acquired further expertise in Washington and Boston before opening Canada’s only clinic devoted entirely to laser dermatology in 1992. Always on the lookout for new therapeutic applications, Dr. Barolet has devoted the better part of his career to research in his ongoing effort to build scientific knowledge about lasers and laser-based technologies for dermatological use and to find ultimately new and better ways to treat his patients.