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About the clinic

Established in 1991, the Clinic is an outpatient facility that successfully treats skin-related conditions and diseases, ranging from fine lines and wrinkles to skin cancer.

We focus exclusively on laser applications and cutting-edge technology.



  • To provide high-quality comprehensive skin care to enhance the skin in an attentive personalized environment
  • Backed by the latest research on the effects of light on the skin's molecules and cells as well as on the body, to discover new therapeutic applications of laser light in treating specific medical conditions
  • To inform and educate the scientific community (physicians, researchers and students), as well as patients on light-based treatments


Dr. Daniel Barolet, more than just a physician...

...a pioneer, researcher and innovator who has gained internationally-recognized expertise over the course of his career.

Dr. Daniel Barolet is a dermatologist who has been specializing in laser therapy since 1991. A graduate of the universities of McGill, Laval and Montreal, he acquired further expertise in Washington and Boston before opening Canada's only clinic devoted entirely to laser dermatology in 1992. A frontrunner in laser applications for the treatment of vascular lesions and an innovator in the field of laser hair removal, Dr. Barolet is also a leading researcher in the area of skin photorejuvenation.

A committed educator, Dr. Barolet served as clinical supervisor (laser division) at the University of Montreal from 1992 to 2000, has taught countless training workshops and has authored many scientific articles on light-based dermatology treatments. He is regularly called upon to present his laboratory findings and clinical results to national and international conventions and is a frequent guest lecturer. He was appointed adjunct professor of dermatology at the McGill University School of Medicine (2006).

For more than fifteen years, Dr. Barolet has been active in research and development through his Skin Optics Research Laboratory, RoseLab. This research, which has led to the development of numerous technological innovations, patents and new treatment methods, is mainly focused on laser-skin interactions, LED therapy or photbiomodulation and photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Always on the lookout for new therapeutic applications, Dr. Barolet has devoted the better part of his career to research in his ongoing effort to build scientific knowledge about lasers and laser-based technologies for dermatological use and to find ultimately new and better ways to treat his patients.