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Signs & Symptoms
  • Often referred to as the mask of pregnancy
  • Characterized by brown spots (hyperpigmentation) whose color ranges from light to dark brown
  • Mainly affects women (90% of cases)
  • Usually appears during pregnancy, but can also be the result of a hormonal imbalance (ex.: oral contraceptives)
  • Presents in sun-exposed areas: forehead, cheeks, temples, lips and occasionally the neck
Solution & Treatment
  • The treatment for melasma is complex
  • Using sunscreen can help prevent melasma from forming and recurring


• For deeply located pigmentation
• Minimal side effects: swelling and discomfort may last for a few days



Safe and efficient, the non-ablative photothermolysis fractional provides amazing results and can treat deep forms of melasma.  In some cases, treatment may be combined with depigmenting creams before and during two to six months after the treatment.  Sun protection with sunscreen is essential during and after the treatment.

Recently, Dr Barolet developed a new treatment approach for melasma (please refer to the NEWS section ; Research update 2016)