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Signs & Symptoms
  • A small raised area,  usually located on the first or second layer of the skin
  • They can come in a variety of shapes:
    • Beauty spots
    • Acrochordons (skin tags)
    • Syringomas
    • Other benigh adnexial tumors
Solution & Treatment

CO2 laser treatment is often the only solution able to eliminate such lesions


Energy-based treatments provide excellent cosmetic results with minimal risk of scarring.




  • Syringomas:  These can be effectively removed with a CO2 laser.  Moreover, treatment can be repeated in the event of a future recurrence, an option not generally possible with conventional surgery.
  • Acrochordons: Although several over-the-counter solutions are available, the laser remains the safer choice.  Laser treatment offers the advantage of enhanced precision and virtually no risk of scarring.
  • Beauty marks (naevus):  All kinds of beauty marks can be treated by laser, including moles or birthmarks, whether flat or raised.  Resurfacing lasers and pigmentary lasers are particularly useful in treating these forms of skin lesions; they are highly effective in reducing the risk of scarring, even for large birthmarks.

All these epidermal and dermal lesions respond well to the CO2 laser when used by an experienced operator. Dr Barolet has been performing such treatments for over 25 years.