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Signs & Symptoms
  • There are several types of skin pre-cancer, and the most common warning sign is the appearance of a new growth, a sore that will not heal or a change in an existing mole or beauty spot.
  • Some symptoms of skin cancer:
    • A hard red lump
    • A smooth or shiny bump or indentation
    • Although it usually occurs on the parts of the body most often exposed to the sun, it can present anywhere, even on the lips (actinic cheilitis)
    • Can develop into skin cancer
Solution & Treatment

The CO2 is an excellent treatment option for pre-cancers.

A biopsy is taken before laser resurfacing.



Although it is possible to deal with simple methods such as liquid nitrogen or some  chemotherapy creams (Effudex or Aldara), the CO2 laser is the only method that insures the simultaneous diagnosis via biopsy (for an isolated or few lesions only).